Witch Hunt

Witches' Judgement

Meet Agnes Finnie, Edinburgh's baddest witch!



Have you met Agnes? She loves a good pricking!

You are now entering the Witch Pricker’s interrogation chamber where you’ll come face to face with Agnes Finnie – accused of witchcraft in 1645. She’s mad, she’s bad, she’s not to be messed with! But are you a witch too? Protect yourself from accusations of sinister sorcery or you might be burned alive! Let’s face it, nobody wants a human barbecue...



  • How low your friends and family are prepared to go to save themselves
  • How quickly you can run
  • How much more deadly is the female of the species?


It took 4 months to build the witches show following 6 months of creation and the concept is the first out of all the Dungeons and one of our guest’s favourite shows!