The Torture Chamber

The Torture Chamber

You now find yourself in the home of incarceration, humiliation and pain.


Abandon all hope, peasants, as you are now in the Torturer’s underground chamber!  Suspected witches won’t get away easily – the Torturer is VERY good at their job and always looking for 'volunteers'’ to test their implements on.  Preferably up that place where the sun don’t shine… and they don’t mean Glasgow!

The Torturer’s going to get you by butcher’s hook or by crook and can’t wait to make you squirm!


  • What sound you make when you’ve lost your tongue!
  • What is the Torturer’s favourite instrument?
  • What tool can’t be used on the ladies?


All of the torture implements used in our Torture show are replicas of authentic tools used in the city and across Europe in medieval times.