Judge and Courtroom

The Courtroom

How will you plead? Guilty? Or VERY guilty?


Enter our dingy, 17th century Edinburgh courtroom and prepare to be judged for your heinous crimes! Our Judge Mental will either find you guilty or… VERY GUILTY!

There’ll be nowhere to hide from the beady eyes of the Judge – a classic Dungeon show, the only question that matters is just what are you guilty of?

Are you a witch or just plain drunk? Guilty of having a baldy heid or for being from Dundee? Get into that dock and be prepared for your punishment! 


  • What’s worse than murder, in the Judge’s eyes?
  • Who was the original Sweaty Betty?
  • Will pleading insanity save you from the noose?


Costumes for this show are inspired by real clothing worn by Judges from the 17th century. So are the hideous crimes and the even more hideous judgements!