The Great Fire of London

Maggie Dickson

Welcome to St Margaret’s Chapel, the oldest building in Edinburgh. Meet Half-hangit Maggie; she’s known for ‘hanging’ around in the Grassmarket.


She’ll prepare you for your last drop, and unfortunately it’s not Whisky. Hundreds of screaming bloodthirsty Scots are waiting to see YOU meet your doom. Step through the door, and prepare to DROP DEAD …


  • What gets you a reprieve from the Hangman’s noose
  • When was Maggie hanged?
  • Where was the place for public execution in Edinburgh?


Half-Hangit Maggie, a young woman, was hanged at Edinburgh’s Grassmarket for concealing her pregnancy in 1724. En route to Musselburgh for burial, Maggie started banging on the inside of the coffin, and was forthwith revived. Officials decided the sentence of hanging had already been carried out … and Maggie was allowed to live happily ever after.