The Boat Ride

The Galloway Boat Ride

Enjoy a boat ride through the pitch black of night. Stay vigilant, you don’t know what’s out there. Rumour has it there are cannibals about – Sawney Bean and his hungry family…


King James’ I men have roped YOU into their search party, on the hunt for Sawney Bean’s ravenous family who have been murdering nearby villagers. They can’t wait to have you for dinner! You’ll embark on a boat ride through the gloomy caves of Galloway, filled with strange and eerie sounds. Is that a bat? Rats? Or the horrible crunching of bones and teeth?



  • What exactly lurks in the caves of Galloway?
  • Just how deep is the water?
  • Why you should keep your arms and legs inside the boat…


The boat takes more maintenance hours than any other show in the Edinburgh Dungeon.