Drop Dead: Drop Ride

Drop Dead: The Grassmarket Gallows

You’ve made it to the Grassmarket and a crowd has gathered to see you pay for your sins. Lucky you! Your executioner will show you the ‘ropes’.


The crowd cheers and it's your turn to face the drop. The noose is ready as are the judge, priest and executioner. The thrilling gravity-defying drop marks the scary fun end to your Dungeon journey!


Drop Dead Drop: The Grassmarket Gallows is an exhilarating vertical free fall drop ride. The minimum height restrictions for the ride is 1.4 metres.

All riders must have the ability to sit upright on the ride and brace themselves against the ride forces; wheelchair users must be able to transfer unaided into and out of the ride seats. The ride is not suitable for guests with:

  • Heart complaints or Pacemakers
  • Back or Neck complaints
  • Broken limbs or have had recent surgery
  • Pregnant guests
  • Photosensitive Epilepsy
  • Have a condition that may result in injury or complication from riding.

Drop Dead: The Grassmarket Gallows is an optional ride and can be skipped

 WHAT YOU'LL LEARN                                                       

  • What it feels like to freefall drop at the gallows
  • How quickly one passes into the afterlife
  • Just how loud your fellow friends can scream!


The chain on the Drop Ride is 30m long and each link is the size of a fist!