Mary Queen of Scots

Three strikes and you're... DEAD! It’s 8 February 1587 and Mary Queen of Scots is about to get her heid chopped off!


Welcome to Loch Leven castle – where Mary Queen of Scots has been put on trial for treason and is now imprisoned awaiting execution. Accused of plotting to assassinate her cousin, Queen Elizabeth I, Mary is about to face the chop. And no, we don't mean a juicy steak.

On the day of her beheading, two blows of the axe weren’t even enough to do the job. It took a further struggle with a serated knife to sever her bloody head. Hungry, anyone?


  • The turbulent life of Scotland’s most famous Queen
  • How Mary met her sticky end
  • Just how many people betrayed Mary!


The Dungeons team trialled over 15 red wigs before choosing the perfect one to create our Mary character!