Burke and Hare

Burke & Hare: The Business of Murder

Burke & Hare are on the prowl, looking for their next unsuspecting victim. At 7 pounds, 10 shillings a corpse, there's money to be made and they'd kill for a body like yours! 



It's 1828. Edinburgh is the leading centre of medical research, its anatomy schools heaving with students keen to observe a live dissection. There's only one problem. There's not enough bodies to go around! Grave-robbing isn't cutting it. The corpses are too... musty. Enter Mr William Burke & William Hare. They've spotted a lucrative business opportunity. The business... of murder!


  • Will you become Burke & Hare’s next donation to the medical profession?
  • What does "burking" actually involve?

  • Will you be safe in the dark?


The Edinburgh Dungeon has surprises in some unexpected places. You might be surprised what special effects we can conjure up...