Braveheart's Revenge

Welcome to Dumbarton Castle, 1305. Within its walls William Wallace, known as Braveheart, meets his gruesome fate, betrayed by his own people. He is the most fearsome warrior in Scotland’s history! It is a sorry tale of treachery and bloodshed, and now his ghost is back… to exact revenge!


Throughout the 1300s William Wallace fought valiantly for the independence of Scotland against the ruthless armies of Edward I. With a bloody defeat of the English forces at Stirling Bridge he cemented himself as Scotland’s kilted hero of notorious legend. 

Our story transports you to the dark days of William’s bloody end – captured by the traitor John de Menteith then incarcerated at Dumbarton Castle in the hands of traitors. Take your seat in the haunted hallways of the castle and prepare for the chilling retelling of Braveheart’s Revenge.


  • Why is Wallace known as Scotland’s Braveheart?
  • Why does he seek revenge?


Sir John de Menteith, who captured William Wallace at Rutherglen and gave him up to the English originally fought the resistance against. As a reward for Wallace’s head de Menteith was given land worth a hundred pounds, more than a small fortune in today’s money. The filthy traitor!

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