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Runs from 23 March  - 16 April 2018
You’re visiting the lock up for the criminally insane (might I suggest you reflect on your life choices a little?) and come to the cell of John Howison, The Cramond Killer. He’s safely enclosed in his cage. Which means you’re safe. Unless the cage were to open …

John Howison was a thoroughly bad egg. Convicted of a brutal murder in 1831, he unwittingly changed the course of history. His was the first insanity plea case to be recorded, and although his plea was ignored in sentencing, it went on to change the law. His cadaver was the last to be given over for dissection after execution. 
In 2017, the latest forensic techniques were carried out on his remains, which are on permanent display in Edinburgh University’s Anatomical Museum, to create an image of how he would have looked.



  • What compelled Howison to murder
  • How creeped out you get in the dark
  • Is it really that easy to escape a metal cage? 

Watch this space for a chance to experience the Anatomy Theatre like never before... more news soon! 

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