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We spend massive amounts of time and attention to make the Dungeon experience really awesome. We write scripts, audition actors, design sets and make costumes.

Next we invest a load of money to get the word out, advertising, social media and on and on and on. The Marketing guys work their finely tuned derrieres off. We put the effort in

Want to know a secret?

But... and this is the secret... nothing works like real reviews from real guests. So here they are. Please enjoy responsibly... and then... you know... book a ticket.

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Awesome experience!

“I loved my visit to the Edinburgh Dungeon. I enjoyed the tour, laughed and had fun learning about Scotland's infamous outlaws and ghosts. I also lost something and am very pleased and impressed that your staff went the extra mile and returned my misplaced item. I live in the States and thought that I lost my 2-hour-new birthday bracelet present. Thanks so much for your loyalty and honesty to your visiting patrons.
Many thanks,



“My husband and I visited the Edinburgh Dungeon last week. Had a great time, really good stories and rides. We are in our 60s and thought it was great fun. Would like to bring some of our grandchildren to visit. Thank you.”



“Staying in Edinburgh for a weekend, we popped in for some dark history.
After having lived in York and visiting the Dungeon there some years ago, I thought I knew what to expect... I was mistaken!
I LOVED the Edinburgh Dungeon! The actors were all committed, funny and talented as well as being able to improv...
I was picked out as a witch (maybe someone trying to tell me something ha!) and from the effects at the "trial" right the way through I was impressed. The boat ride was creepy as hell and the drop at the end was amazing!
We never normally buy photos but we couldn't help ourselves when my boyfriend was "chopping off my head"!
Well worth a visit!


The Edinburgh Dungeon!

“This gave me a real fright, as it was absolutely PETRIFYING. One of my friends even peed himself it was so scary! My favourite part was the "Drop Dead" attraction as it was so sudden and fun! Thanks for giving my class a big scare!”


Amazing Day Out

“Amazing experience enjoyed every second of it! Definitely will come back soon!”


You can't miss this!

“This has definitely been the highlight of my visit to Edinburgh, I couldn't have enjoyed it more!
The actors were all absolutely brilliant and I even got chosen to go down to the bottom of a staircase only to find 'The Torturer' waiting for me. He gave me the shock of my life when he jumped out at me!
I thoroughly recommend this tour to anyone who chooses to visit Edinburgh. If you likes thrills, chills and on-the-edge-of-your-seat acts, it's a definite must see!”


5 star attraction

“We had a fantastic time at the Edinburgh Dungeons. Definitely worth a visit. If you're going to Edinburgh this is a must, we couldn't fault anything and would recommend it to anyone. Thank you for an awesome time.”


- The Judge and Courtroom


When I went to the Edinburgh Dungeons for my weeks holiday in September 2015 with my friends from Underhay . Inside it was dark and a bit scary and I didn't know what to expect when I was inside the Dungeon. The courtroom was my best bit of the tour - The Judge was brilliant and the show was great. I enjoyed every minute of it, and I hope to go back again later this year in May or June 2017 with Chris and Ian!”



“I went in expecting the odd scare and a few pictures but OMG it was amazing - the Boat Ride was frightening, the Drop Dead ride was so thrilling I will definitely go again.”


I'll be back

“Went with friends for a day away, got picked for 'The Torturer'. I'll be visiting again at somepoint this week with my partner. Maybe it's my turn to torture 'The Torturer' :D”


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