7th February, 2017

Breaking up is hard to do… especially if you’re a snivelling little coward. Let us at The Edinburgh Dungeon do the dirty for you. No, not that. We mean the break up. Consider the dumping … done.

From 1 February to 14 February 2017, the Edinburgh Dungeon will offer you one of two options to DUMP your unloved one in time for the most disgusting, sickly sweet night of the year.

Choose from:

Video Nasty – one of the Dungeon’s most popular characters will record a personalised video for you and the Dungeon will send it to your intended. The sender can maintain a safe distance. Probably wise. 

Up Close and Impersonal – yes, the Dungeon will go and do it face to face. Cowards can watch the spectacle from the bushes.                                                      

Jelly-bellied lovers can choose which character they would like to deliver their heart-break, from the following:

  1. Torturer – people open up to our Torturer, so no matter how upset they get, he’ll have their ear. He just needs to remember to give it back.
  2. Burke & Hare will analyse their flaws in detail. Don’t give us those puppy dog eyes. No wait, actually, we’ll take them.
  3. Sawney Bean – a break up with bite! Throw them to the cannibals. At least someone will appreciate their body… with a pinch of salt.
  4. Judge – Socks CRIMINALLY smelly? Nagging driving you to MURDER? The verdict is… DUMPED! No appeal, no parole, it’s a LIFE SENTENCE.

The Love Stinks Break ups are available from 1 – 14th February:

To book your Love Stinks Break up, email Edinburgh.dungeon@merlinentertainments.biz, with details of who you want to dump and how. Be ready to tell them in detail why they deserve to be alone forever, and they will ring you back to take payment and arrange a time / place. Your video will be ready within 24 hours.

For photos, videos and more, please contact the email address above. 

“The Edinburgh Dungeon were awesome! The actors were funny and convincing, the timings were excellent and I even learned a few things. However, I had to keep hold of someone's hand because I was so sca…”

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