8th April, 2016

Launched last month, The Edinburgh Dungeon’s new seasonal show – DEADLY DISEASES – can’t be contained and will now run on until the end of May!


Edinburgh’s history is rife with diseases such as cholera, typhus and the plague and now visitors to the capital will have more of a chance to catch them.


Extended due to popular demand, the hit show takes guests back to the disease-ravaged streets of the capital where they come face-to-face with its victims and their ghastly ailments.


Delivered with the mix of cheeky humour and gripping storytelling for which the award-winning attraction is known, visitors will learn about the curious cures concocted by the city’s blood-stained barber surgeons – the men treating those unable to afford a doctor. Those lucky enough to escape will then venture down a plague-ridden street of Old Edinburgh, the Street of Sorrows, and meet the Foul Clenger – the plague cleaner.


But the scary fun doesn’t stop there. At the end of the tour, visitors find themselves on Market Street – the Dungeon’s new immersive shop. Below them are rat-strewn cobbles and above are hanging awnings as well as swinging rows of tankards, bottles and cages. Meanwhile stalls spilling over with wares combine to offer a new retail experience.


Edward Evans, General Manager at The Edinburgh Dungeon commented: “At the Dungeon we are always coming up with frighteningly funny ways to bring Edinburgh’s darkest history to life and our Deadly Diseases show has proved highly contagious over the Easter holidays. We’re pleased to give guests more of a chance to visit to our resident blood-thirsty barber – we only hope that they’ve had a hair cut first!”


Deadly Diseases is on until 29th May 2016.


“Well our group rocked up from Manchester not knowing what to expect, maybe some relics, info and pics and the odd scary person jumping out on us??? No, we rocked up and experienced an amazing show ful…”

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