As part of your journey through Scotland's dark history you can buy a photo package and savour the memory of your visit. 

So get involved when you arrive, use your imagination, strike a pose and our photography team will take care of the rest.

Capture your experience with our Ultimate Photo Combo,which will include: 2 photos, 1 photo key ring, 1 magnet, a wallet photo and a ten page book full of facts on Scotland's horrible past! If you purchase your entrance tickets online, you can make great savings on the photos. 

Standard photo size is 6x9 inch.

*Please note that we do not allow personal photography within the Dungeon. Flashes hurt our sensitive-underground-dwelling eyes and are distracting. And why would you want to distract from our amazing performances? Besides, we'll take better photos of you anyway.

 But don't despair! Once you have completed your tour (unless our Torturer locks you away for some 'gentle' tortures) join us for a drink in the Auld Reekie Tavern, where you can use your flashy boxes to your hearts content.