Frequently Asked Questions

You peasants are an inquisitive bunch! Here are some answers to your most burning (and frequently asked) questions in order to make planning your visit just a little more comfortable.

That is, until you get picked on by our Judge Mental!

What is the minimum age for the Dungeon?

We don't allow children under 5 at all. We also don't recommend for children under 8, although this is at parent's and guardian's discretion - you know your kids better than we do and every child reacts differently!


Please email us at subject: "ticket query / change" and tell us the date / time / order number of your ticket and what you wish to change it to as well as your contact details and we will get in touch. 

Can I leave my bags / suitcases at the Dungeon?

We are not able to store luggage or suitcases on site, but there is a left luggage within Waverley Station which is 2 minutes walk from the Edinburgh Dungeon. Small backpacks and rucksacks, as well as handbags are fine to take on tour with you. 

Am I obliged to do the rides?

We are a Dungeon, but not an actual prison. We cannot force you (much as the Torturer wishes) to do anything, or go on any ride you don't want to. If you want to skip the rides, just let our actor know (you'll be given the opportunity to opt out during the tour). If you need to leave at any time during the tour, we will escort you - but please note we do not issue refunds if you choose to leave half-way through the tour. 


As above, we can't force you to do anything if you don't want to. Just let the photo team know you'd prefer not to have your picture taken. 

What are the restrictions on the rides?

Visitors with back or neck injuries, heart conditions or broken limbs have restrictions on the rides which you can get more detail on here

There is a minimum height restriction of 1.4 metres for the drop ride, you must be over this height to be allowed on. 

Can I use my Kelloggs / McDonald's / Pringles / Radnor Fizz / Cadbury's voucher?

The Edinburgh Dungeon has active promotions with all of the above. Please check the Terms & Conditions written on the voucher or associated partner website for details on date restrictions, booking conditions for each of these promotions and check it is valid at The Edinburgh Dungeon. 

Can I do the Dungeon tour if I am pregnant?

Yes you can! Please read here for more information! 

Is there a discount for disabled visitors? 

We allow carers in for free with their wards if you have a valid carer ID.

For any other questions, please visit our EXTENSIVE support page and type in your question!