Home of Halloween

Halloween at The London Dungeon

Resurrectionists - Home of Halloween 2015

October 9th - November 1st

The Edinburgh Dungeon is THE Home of Halloween!

Halloween is our FAVOURITE time of year and as such we will bring you the biggest and boldest Halloween full of scary fun, edge of seat tricks and treats, gripping storytelling and of course, pumpkins. We've created a BRAND NEW show just for the season – RESURRECTIONISTS!

Grave robbing is rife at The Edinburgh Dungeon this Halloween when the live action attraction will be over-run by ‘Resurrectionists’, criminal grave robbers famous for making a less-than-honest living digging up the dead. But, be warned, when demand outstrips supply these 'Resurrection Men' may even kill for a body to sell – and they’re looking for bodies just like yours…

Along your journey you’ll also experience the disastrous effects of the plague in Street of Sorrows, feel the spine-chilling ghostly presence of the Green Lady, meet the fiendish Sawney Bean and his cannibal family and discover a whole host of historical villains and rogues who will guide you through 1,000 years of Scotland’s murky past with some special Halloween tricks and treats along the way, including 2 thrilling rides!

Danger lurks at every turn in the Home of Halloween. More tricks… and if you’re lucky, we might even throw in the odd treat!

We WILL sell out, so make sure you book your ticketsin advance to avoid horrible disappointment! (You have been warned... and we reserve the right to say We Told You So)




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“I went in expecting the odd scare and a few pictures but OMG it was amazing - the Boat Ride was frightening, the Drop Dead ride was so thrilling I will definitely go again.”

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