Game of Thrones-inspired bar stars, Pop up Geeks, join Dungeon for Edinburgh Fringe 2017!

18th August, 2017

Never one to rest on its laurels, the Edinburgh Dungeon has plunged into this year’s Fringe, with its innovative, immersive horror theatre experience. Teaming up with Pop Up Geeks and Dead Bright Design, two start-up talents based in Edinburgh and Fife,  An Evening with the Plague Doctor is a sensory, immersive experience like no other. Based in 17th-century Edinburgh at the height of the Plague, the show will ask guests to taste, feel and smell  - if they dare!

Samuel Cohn, Historical author and Professor of Medieval History at the University of Glasgow comments: “Famine, which accompanied the plague, led to eating habits of desperation. The rich resolved to eating horses, while the poor ate cats, dogs, rats, and mice. Even more grim was the reported claims of human cannibalism, with locals resorting to eating friends and family to survive.”  

Gillian Bell, who runs Dead Bright Design, has exhibited her cakes in London, and has created some edible severed fingers and toes for the Dungeon show. Based in Fife, she has appeared in the Daily Mail with her grisly cakes and was quick to tap into the Dungeon’s dastardly mind-set.

In plague-ridden Edinburgh, food was scarce and people had to scavenge to survive. The Dungeon is giving 21st century Fringe audiences a real taste of history.  

Pop Up Geeks are the brains behind Edinburgh’s successful Game of Thrones and Walking Dead pop up bars. It was their commitment to theming and authenticity that prompted the Dungeon to approach them. Linden Wilkinson and Rachael Carpenter, co-directors, have created some stunning potions for the Dungeon’s audience, complete with skin scrapings and puss … and they’re absolutely delicious.

Francesca Dymond, Marketing Manager at the Edinburgh Dungeon, said:

Pop Up Geeks and Dead Bright Design are innovative, exciting, and we knew that they’d help add another level of immersion to our show. Never before have we asked our audience to taste history, by physically ingesting it. Experiential eating is a growing industry, and audiences are expecting more and more from theatre – alongside the Dungeon’s characteristic scares, laughs and thrills, we’re delighted to be able to add a whole new dimension thanks to these new partnerships.

The Edinburgh Dungeon stands out as the only Old Town visitor attraction to be producing its own Fringe show. Its team of actors work tirelessly all year round to deliver its own brand of scary fun, and the Fringe is the perfect platform to test out new and inventive ways to bring history to life.

An Evening with the Plague Doctor is on at the Edinburgh Dungeon on 4, 11, 18, 25 August at 8pm and 8.30pm. Tickets are £25 and can be booked through the Fringe website.