The Witch Hunt

Got chills? Multiplying? Well meet Agnes Finnie, she’s electrifying! Our brand new show is our most up-close-and-personal yet. Get right in amongst the Witch Pricker’s interrogation chamber, but protect yourself from accusations of sinister sorcery or be burned alive! Let’s face it, nobody wants a human barbecue. Watch out! There may be one among you who knows more than she’s letting on...

What you'll learn:

  • How low your friends and family are prepared to go to save themselves
  • How quickly you can run
  • How much more deadly is the female of the species?

Dungeons Uncovered

The Witch Hunt room contains a world-first combination of special effects and took over 4 months to create. Watch this space for videos of how it was done. 

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“omg what a fabulous funny frightening, did I say funny, 88 minutes of our lives and my hubby's a fearty. The actors were amazing, the special effects were spectacularly scary and the history bit brill…”

Lainey See more reviews...