The Torturer

The Torturer

Abandon all hope, as you find yourself in the Torture chamber. The Torturer is looking for 'volunteers'. Anyone need a good stretch?

Relax, this won't hurt (oh... wait)

Let's be honest. The Torturer is a craftsman... at least he uses tools. Also he is very practically minded and LOVES to teach - usually by demonstration.

This show is consistently one of our highlights - delighting and repulsing in equal measure. Just remember, like any artist The Torturer has his sensitive side. (Actually so do you... ask him and he'll show you where it is)

What you'll learn

  • What is pain and punishment Dungeon's style?
  • What do your insides look like?
  • What's the best way to hang someone up with a butcher's hook?

Dungeons Uncovered

The Torture equipment takes a lot of regular maintenance as the Torture Team are very enthusiastic with the tools of their trade.

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“Once I entered the dark tunnel of this ride I just wanted to close my eyes and block my ears so I won't get freaked out. This boat trip is stunning, frightening but AWESOME FUN! I would definitely go …”

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