The Green Lady

The Green Lady

Edinburgh’s Greatest Ghost Story!

The year is 1715 and you’ve been welcomed into the mysterious Old Craig House of Sir Thomas Elphinstone. This part of Edinburgh is where the rich and titled live. But rich or poor, peasant or Lord they all have the same fear. A fear… of death!

A tale of betrayal, revenge and death and known as Edinburgh’s greatest ghost story, this tale is rich in haunting drama and spine tingling intrigue.

Prepare yourself as the capital’s dark and deadly story is brought to life with this brutal crime of passion  – get ready to meet The Green Lady!

What you’ll learn:

  • Who is ‘The Green Lady’?
  • Why does she want revenge?

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“Fantastic day in the Dungeon - the actors really draw you in and create an atmosphere. Also brilliant to see my partner scared to death so thankyou!”

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