Escape the plague

Street of Sorrows

Welcome to 17th Century Edinburgh where the streets are filthy and the plague is rife. Meet the Foul Clenger as he tells you the true story of Edinburgh’s underground plague close.

It’s a dangerous time; people are dying and housing is in a perilous condition. Tenements stretch upwards blocking out the light and the closes are lined with sewage, rats, and who knows what else! Whatever happens, don’t breathe too deeply...

Meet the Foul Clenger

The Foul Clenger (or plague cleaner) has been tasked with clearing out the houses of plague victims. It’s well paid because chances are he won’t survive long enough to get paid. He’s got a little rental racket going on the side in the meantime so if you’re looking for somewhere to stay, he’s your man.

What you'll learn

  • What was life really like in the 1600s?
  • How did the Foul Clenger tackle the Plague?
  • Did Edinburgh have a plague doctor?

Dungeons Uncovered

This show features brand new special effects, scripts and costumes as well as an entirely new set!

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