Market Street Shop at the Edinburgh Dungeon

Discover a shopping experience like no other as you explore the mysterious alleyways of Market Street. As you make your way through the narrow cobbled paths filled with bustling carts and ramshackle stalls, you’ll brush past tented awnings, uncover unusual trinkets to bargain for and take in the smells and tastes in this unique shopping experience.

Those who are brave enough to venture in will encounter aromas that pack a punch, treats to tantalise the taste buds, and surprises around every corner! It is an assault on the senses, ensuring you leave on a high.

With alleys to explore, ‘treats’ to taste and unusual items to discover, dare to search for trinkets & treasures in this ancient and artisanal market. With scares and laughs aplenty, the Market Street store is sure to give guests a finale to talk about.


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“I went to Edinburgh Dungeons for the first time with my school and me being 14 years old, I completely loved it! It was actually really fun and full of surprises. The actors were frighteningly fantas…”

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