Boat Ride

Boat Ride

Legend has it that Sawney Bean and his family live in the caves of Galloway preying on travellers, such as yourselves.

Hear what happened when a man and woman were returning from market and happened across savages on the road. The King's Men are out to capture the savages and YOU have been enlisted to help. Venture into the Caves of Galloway by boat in search of legendary cannibal Sawney Bean and his incestuous clan...

What you'll learn

  • What is the best way to bait a cannibal clan?
  • What was left of the man and woman returning from market?
  • What's lurking in the Caves of Galloway…?

Dungeons Uncovered

Can you smell that? We work with a specialist company to prepare aromas for our show areas. The one you encounter here is called "Penguin Sick"

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“I loved it! I went with my school. My friends and I were laughing and scared stiff! loved it!”

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