Anatomy Theatre

Anatomy Theatre

The Doctor will see you now! Well, one of his students will. Step into Dr Knox's Anatomy Theatre as 19th Century medical students and witness the autopsy of another of Burke and Hare's victims. Watch out when the bladder is removed, it might not be empty!

What you'll learn

  • How did Burke and Hare kill their victims without leaving a mark?
  • What part did Whisky play in the process?
  • What's the going rate for a fresh corpse?

Dungeons Uncovered

This show was upgraded in 2013 - no spoilers, but look out for the Leeches, they've been known to wander off!

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“Once I entered the dark tunnel of this ride I just wanted to close my eyes and block my ears so I won't get freaked out. This boat trip is stunning, frightening but AWESOME FUN! I would definitely go …”

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