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Education Sessions


Exclusive to schools, gain further insight into the Blackpool Dungeon and make your experience more thrilling with one of our sessions. Our educational workshops are designed for a class of up to 32 Secondary pupils (age group 7-15).

1-Hour sessions are £70 per class and run Mon-Fri during term time: 9:30, 10:30, 11:30, 13:00 and 14:00


Pupils will learn all about the heritage of the Blackpool Tower through a fun drama workshop transporting them back to the Victorian times to discover what really happened.

Pupils will explore the crimes and punishments of the medieval era by bringing to life a puritan courtroom, the brutal punishments and the tails of prison. A fun and energetic session that helps learners imagine travelling back in time.

Pupils will explore the history and hearsay concerning the Black Plague. They will delve into the advice given to various parts of 14th-century society regarding treatments, beliefs and apparent cures. Who just coughed?

Pupils will explore the truth behind the legend of the Pendle Witches through this fun drama workshop. They will travel back in time to bring to life the trials and the grizzly and superstitious times they took place in.