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Amazing birthday party!

“I had an absolutely amazing time at an 11 year old's birthday party! We were all absolutely terrified but it was so much fun!! Thank you so much! I particularly enjoyed the mirror maze- make it longer!
Also, I loved just walking around, we didn't know what was going to jump out at us! Some of the girls in my group were so scared that they were trembling and clinging to the adults! By the end only 5 of us went on the ride but that was great too!
Thank you so much for a brilliant experience! Marvellous idea!”


Amazingly scary !

“This was my first time experience of this and certainly will not be my last too good!”



“It was amazing all of the actors and laughter was amazing i would highly recommend this attraction and my best fried was laughing all the way through and the shop had loads of scary and amazing gifts and clothes so if you like a good laugh go now!!!”



“Me and 3 family members went through the dungeons on Sunday. It was absolutely brilliant! The drop ride was amazing. When we cane out, even the staff were laughing at our photos! I was laughing so hard, I had tears pouring down my face at our pictures! They are a must buy and the dungeons are definitely a place you want to go. Well worth the money and we had £5 each off our ticket from our tram tickets!”


Great day

“Me and wife and my daughter where the dungeons in Blackpool on the 21st July 2015 and had great time and very funny and scary had times so my wife and daughter said and they always got you involved and ride drop dead was very good and scary and we would recommend it to anyone.”


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Ned King
New to the Blackpool Tower Dungeon from May 24th 2013! Step into the Dungeon and hear the tale of Lancashire’s most notorious highwayman, Ned King
Descend into the heart of the Dungeon for the ultimate journey.
Dark Chapel
Uncover the story of the real ‘Black Pool’ as you enter Lytham priory.
Spots, boils, pus… Yuck! The doctors will see you now.
The Torturer
It’s back-breaking work. Did I hit a nerve?
The Judge
Frantically funny. Thief? Villain? Witch? Clear conscience?
The Labyrinth
Get lost in the dark and disorientating confines of the mirror maze.
Wars of the Roses
Skippool Smugglers
It’s all about give and take.
Vikings of the North
They just love a bloody good battle.
Pendle Witches
You’ll find them hanging out in Pendle Wood.
Drop Dead: Drop Ride
Drop ride to doom… Hold on tight!

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