Student Scare Card


Come and have a horrible time for just £10 with our Student Scare Card, even our Jester thinks that’s a good deal! That’s a great saving of £6.50 on each and every visit to our Dungeons!

Whether you’re wanting some bants with the lads or a laugh with the ladies, The Blackpool Tower Dungeon is the place to be to experience the dark and mysterious past of the pool that is black.

Why not stop off at The Hangman’s Tavern, the last stop saloon, for a cheeky drink or two before you depart this exciting walk through attraction?

You can get your card at The Blackpool Tower Dungeon admissions desk NOW!

The Scare Card gets you into the attraction on the day for £10 all in.

“Went to Blackpool Tower Dungeon with my family last year and had a great time. There was always something there to scare you. 3 out of 5 of our group got picked on. My sister was called the gobby one …”

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