Wars of the Roses

War of the Roses

It’s time to choose your allegiance, as the hilariously horrifying Wars of the Roses comes to The Blackpool Tower Dungeon!

Venture in to the darkest recesses of this monumental conflict, and discover for yourself the dastardly deeds and menacing methods of warfare practiced by some of England’s most infamous historical characters. Meet the Black Jester, who can spy a traitor at arm’s length, before paying a visit to the Torturer and learning more about some of the bloodiest punishments ever to have taken place on British soil!

What you'll learn

  • Whether you will stay loyal to the House of Lancaster’s red rose, or be denounced as a Yorkist traitor
  • If you’re brave enough to stand and fight (or run and hide)

Test your courage by visiting The Blackpool Tower Dungeon and taking on the Wars of the Roses – we’ll make it easy for you by discounting your tickets with 20% off if you book online (you won’t find a better price than that online!).


Not feeling heroic yet? Maybe smuggling is more your area of expertise, I mean you do look a bit shady...

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