The Plague

The Plague Doctor

Welcome to Plague Street in 1349. The residents here are a lovely bunch, no scratch that, WERE a lovely bunch… the Plague got to them! In this gloomy alley be sure to keep your eye out for signs of the Black Death with red crosses on doors, rotting bodies and black rats.

The Doctor’s Assistant will meet you along the way and bring you to the medic in his surgery, where you’ll be asked to take your seats before the Doctor will see you. (Here’s a hint – avoiding sitting next to anyone with a cough, they’ve probably already got the Plague!)

Pay attention to all of the cures for the Plague, you may need to use them for yourself.

What you'll learn

  • The in-vogue cures from 1349
  • Not-so modern anaesthetic!
  • What those leeches are really for


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Not ready for your consultation yet? Meet the Torturer his skills of persuasion are screamingly good.

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“When I was walking in it absolutely stank of a kind of urine I high fived the woman in the room and then sat down. It was quite creepy because my teacher assistant was the person behind the curtain. I thought it was very amusing and the acting of every single live show was very interesting.”


The Plague

“I visited this attraction a few weeks ago but I’ve got to say The Plague scene really impressed me. From the gruesome smell of rotting bodies to the special effects and the actor played the character really well, I really thought I was back in time to where the plague occurred.”


the plague

“I was scared because my Head Teacher got chose to be the person that went behind the curtain but it was funny when the lady said she liked taking out the bits but the bit that freaked me out was when the leeches were under the seats”


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“Well worth a visit. We didn't know what to expect. The characters were so convincing, especially the jester and the nurse. It was hard to believe you were not really living in those times. Really …”

Elaine See more reviews...