Pendle Witches

Pendle Witch

Enter the eerie woods of Pendle, where reports of witchcraft are rife - anyone can be accused, even you...

Hear the story of Alizon Device in her own words. As one of Pendle's witches she was hung for her crime. You can also be hung for your crimes and become famous...

What you'll learn

  • Explore the eerie forest of Pendle.
  • Watch out for the Pendle Witches, they’ll be hanging around!
  • Come face to face with Alizon Device and hear her story.

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Creepy but underused

“Definitely one of the best set pieces in the dungeon. The witches were really creepy and the video was quite funny, surreal black comedy. But it was little more than a preshow for Drop Dead which is such a shame, as the Pendle witches are a big part of North West history. Would have loved it to have been more of a show.”


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“The Blackpool Tower Dungeon is one of the best attractions I've ever been to! Me and my friend thought we would walk around the Dungeon at our own pace but NO, every room is dark and mysterious and I…”

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