Hangman's Tavern

Hangman's Tavern

Welcome to The Hangman’s Tavern, the last stop saloon before you depart this exciting walk through attraction.

The Blackpool Tower Dungeon invites you to ‘hang out’ with our Dungeon characters and enjoy your favourite tipple in The Blackpool Tower Dungeons’, Hangman’s Tavern!

With a full cast of brilliant actors, 10 shows, authentic sets, amazing special effects and an exciting drop ride, we’ll take you on a unique thrill-filled journey through 1,000 years of Lancashire’s murky past.

What you'll learn

  • Historical home truths from Taverns of the past
  • What your favourite medicinal mead would have been

Test your courage by visiting The Blackpool Tower Dungeon – we’ll make it easy for you by discounting your tickets with 20% off if you book online (you won’t find a better price than that online!).


Not feeling heroic yet? Maybe smuggling is more your area of expertise, I mean you do look a bit shady...

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“Hi, just wanted to say how much my husband & i enjoyed The Dungeons, it was superb, everyone was so amazing, we liked the jester she was brilliant. Each scene was great. The next time we visit Blackpo…”

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