Begin your descent into The Blackpool Tower Dungeon in the Lift Lobby, where you’ll be greeted by the incredibly handsome and hilariously funny Jester (he told us to write that!).

If you’re lucky enough you’ll get to ‘hang’ out with the Jester for a while listening to his jokes, critiquing his singing style and having a jolly ol’ time. Perfect to lull you into a false sense of security before you enter the lifts.

Those brave enough will be invited into the waiting lift carriages. Hear the grinding cogs and chains as the wrenches strain… but don’t worry the lift hardly ever falls!

What you'll learn

  • How funny the Jester’s jokes really are
  • The Dungeon rules
  • Whether the lift actually works…


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Not ready yet? Why not learn about who else you’ll meet in the Dungeon, starting in the Dark Chapel >

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The Blackpool Jester

“I had so much fun at the start of the Blackpool Dungeons meeting the dungeon Jester was a right laugh and was insulting people before the ride, and also he scared others in the lift, and he just made me laugh. The Jester was a funny guy and I hope when I go again we have him because he was an amazing actor! He took us down to a chapel and thats where he left us, but I have to say great start to a gruesome tour in the dungeons!”



“I went on a party with 10 year old girls and half of them were too scared by the end to go on but when i went on it was absolutely amazing! The pics at the end were so funny!”



“The first time i went we had to wait a few mins then the jester came out of the elevator, he was funny I was glad that I chose the right elevator coz when we got to the bottom the jester scared the other people in the other elevator it was a good experience and I will be revisiting the Blackpool Dungeons in July :D”


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“My girlfriend and I had booked tickets for the Blackpool Tower Dungeon and I wasn't sure what to expect. The suspense and curiosity played a part as we had missed the last group before the adult orie…”

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