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October 2016

5 Spooky Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Night in Blackpool

26 October 2016

Struggling to think of a scary Halloween costume idea? Here are 5 spooky costume ideas for you to wear on your night out in Blackpool.

The Blackpool Tower Dungeon invade Wilko

26 October 2016

The creatures of The Blackpool Tower Dungeon have, this week escaped from their cages and made their way to Wilko… poor poor Wilko.

The Best Halloween Events in Blackpool 2016

19 October 2016

Discover the spookiest, most entertaining events in Blackpool this Halloween 2016, from scary stories in the Dungeons to family fun at the Blackpool Tower!

Lost Soul Makeup Tutorial

18 October 2016

Wanting to become a Lost Soul are you? No problem, we will have you looking ghostly in no time with our makeup tutorial.

Plague Doctor Makeup Tutorial

18 October 2016

You find yourself really liking our Plague Doctors look? Don’t be embarrassed, he’s very handsome we know… we have documented how to get the Plague look.

Basic Dungeon Makeup Tutorial

18 October 2016

So you want to become a Dungeon character do you? Are you sure? Ok, ok… this basic Dungeon face will give you the perfect base for loads of horrible Halloween creatures.

Who were the Pendle Witches?

12 October 2016

Lots of people have heard of the Pendle Witches, but don’t really know who they are. Find out how they became ‘witches’ and why!

4 Things to Do In Blackpool This October

05 October 2016

From the very, very weird, to the wonderful – there’s hundreds of great things to do in Blackpool. Here are 4 things to do if you’re visiting Blackpool this October...

September 2016

The Best Indoor Attractions in Blackpool (Ideal for Rainy Days!)

28 September 2016

We all know the weather isn’t always tip-top in Blackpool, so you may (almost definitely) need to plan ahead for a rainy day!

6 Historical 'Cures' That Did More Harm Than Good

21 September 2016

Ever wondered what historical medicine was like? You don’t want to know! Deep breath, and read all about it… if you dare!

What Should You Expect from the Blackpool Dungeons Experience?

14 September 2016

Find out what awaits at Blackpool’s scariest experience – an adrenaline-fuelled fear fest full of shivers, quivers and scares!

4 Things to Do In Blackpool This September

07 September 2016

It may be chilly, but Blackpool is still a great (and cheap!) place to visit this September. Here are a few ideas of what you could do on your visit…

August 2016

Which of these Crazy Old Crimes Are You Guilty of?

31 August 2016

From playing football, to not washing your sheep, read all about these crazy old crimes. The question is, which would you be found guilty of?

4 Stag Do Ideas for Your Crazy Blackpool Weekend

24 August 2016

If you’re looking for a cheap and cheerful stag with plenty of misdemeanours, Blackpool is the place for you. Here are 4 ideas for your stag do in Blackpool…

10 Blackpool Tower Facts You Didn't Know

17 August 2016

Blackpool Tower is one of the UK’s most famous landmarks, and there’s even more to it than meets the eye. Here are the top 10 facts about Blackpool Tower.

5 Dark Age Sports You Won't See in the Olympics

09 August 2016

As much as we love silly sports such as speed walking, there’s not enough guts and gore in modern day Olympics! Here’s 5 sports you definitely won’t see…

Top 4 Things to in Blackpool

04 August 2016

Whether you want a traditional ‘British’ Blackpool experience or something to get your heart racing, here’s 4 top things to do in Blackpool…

“My girlfriend and I had booked tickets for the Blackpool Tower Dungeon and I wasn't sure what to expect. The suspense and curiosity played a part as we had missed the last group before the adult orie…”

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