Torture Chamber


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Will you crack under the pressure of the Torturer and his intimidating instruments? With war approaching, the ruling house of Hohenzollern needs to eliminate traitors and the Torturer has just the right tools to make you confess!

The Torturer is having some wicked fun as he demonstrates his instruments and methods on you or one of your fellow unsuspecting by-standers. As the whole of Europe prepares for a 30-year war, the house of Hohenzollern needs to know if there are traitors amongst them. Whether you are a criminal, traitor or heritic - or incredibly innocent, they have all the tools to make you confess. With a wicked glint in his eye the torturer will demonstrate The Hook, Pear, Tongue tearer, thumbscrews and (if you are a very unlucky chap ...) the chappy chopper!

  • Get tied onto the torture chair.
  • Watch your mates whining for grace.
  • See who is locked up in the torturers cell.

What will be your terror torture tool?


  • Will you find out what the chappy chopper is?
  • Do you need to leave one of your friends behind?
  • What's the judas cradle doing in here?

Dungeons uncovered

This show is situated in a round room, with a standing visitor group. A round room makes people feel uncomfortable because they cannot hide in corners…

Everybody is exposed to the torturer, who will pick his victims carefully - it could be anyone!

English speaking tours

Every day we offer some English-speaking tours through the Berlin Dungeon. Book your ticket now and ask for the next English tour at the entrance!

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