Berlin Dungeon Revolution 1848

The Revolution 1848 in the Berlin Dungeon

A change is as good as a rest. Especially if that change is death. 

You've had enough of small potatoes and their increasing prices? First, their price went up from one Silbergroschen to three and then it jumped up to five Silbergroschen, more than your average daily income...

You find yourself in Berlin in 1848. The Alexanderplatz is only a potato's throw away. Due to the late blight, groceries and potatoes in particular have become scarce commmodities. On the Gendarmenmarkt in the center of Berlin, ordinary men and women like you have cut open the marketer's potato sacks and helped themselves. Such outrageous conditions! Just because you want to appease your hunger, you're supposed to go to prison for 10 years???

Finally, things are happening: A slightly overwhelmed carpenter takes your and your companions’ fate into his hand and builds barricades. Help him in his fight against the 20,000-strong Prussian Army and help him show Friedrich Wilhelm IV. his demands. The leader on the barricades needs your support. But beware: he is not as steady in using his gun as he is with his carpentry tools… which is why you don’t only have to dodge your enemy’s bullets. By the time the big cannon is fired, someone goes crazy – at the very latest.

  • Beware of the ricochets.
  • Learn how the March Revolution of 1848 came about.
  • Mount the barricades and fight against injustice and hunger.

What you'll discover:

  • What was demanded from Friedrich Wilhelm IV.?
  • Which anthem emerged from the 1848 Revolution?
  • Which flag was hoisted during the Revolution?