Plagued Street:
Meet the Doctor

Plagued Street: Meet the Doctor

Keep up with your neighbours, by also being DEAD.

Whoops ... it seems like your raft might have taken a wrong turn and you will find yourself in the plague-ridden streets of Berlin. Tread carefully down the twisting plague streets of 1576, filled with the revolting sounds and smells of death.

Plague has spread its tentacles of death across Europe and has now gripped Berlin – again! You have landed in the heart of it all so tread carefully down the twisting foreboding plague streets - littered with decaying bodies. Come face to face with the Plague Doctor who delights in demonstrating the full effects of the Plague in a graphic, theatrical, worryingly enthusiastic and gory way. It’s time to pull out the bits!

  • Watch out for squirting blood.
  • Find out how to cure the malady.
  • See your friend being treated by the doctor.

Come face to face with the worryingly enthusiastic Plague Doctor who delights in demonstrating the gory realities of the Plague.


  • Are you the doctor's next victim?
  • Why was the Plague called the Black Death?
  • Which guts are destroyed by the horrible plague?


This is one of the funniest shows in the Berlin Dungeon,. The actor will interact with your group - guaranteeing some good laughs. The Plague Doctor could work with around 70 different audiences throughout the day so he or she needs to adapt quickly and often to adjust to the age, mood and types of visitors. Only this level of skill in acting will allow all visitors to leave with a stomach ache; from laughing, of course.

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“Your new plague doctor show looks brilliant!.”


looks great

“Your new plague doctor show looks brilliant!.”


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“A fabulous show put on by all your actors on the English-speaking tour two days ago. The special effects worked well in setting the sinister mood with the use of illusion being used brilliantly to kee…”

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