Lost Catacombs of the Hohenzollern

Lost Catacombs of the Hohenzollern

Scream, shriek, repeat.

You and other witches have been found guilty and now you must face the disorienting Labyrinth of tunnels. The tunnels will lead to the crypt beneath the Berlin Cathedral where the White Lady still haunts the place. There is no way back, all you will hear are the screams from within the Labyrinth of the Hohenzollern.

Find your way through the narrow maze of tunnels. Perhaps, through the smoke and terrifying sounds, you will encounter the ghostly figure of madman King Albert Frederick who lost his marbles when he spotted the White Lady. The long-time-dead are getting restless … surprises lurk around every corner.

  • Find your way through this confusing labyrinth of tunnels.
  • Meet King Albert Frederick and make sense of his babbled warnings.
  • Learn of the legend of the White Lady.

Can you make it out of this confusing Labyrinth of tunnels?


  • Who is the White Lady King Albert Frederick talks about?
  • Is there a way out of the labyrinth?
  • How many died in these terrifying narrow tunnels?


To amplify the confusion in the labyrinth, many special effects have been added to the maze. Two huge fog machines and dim-effect stage lightning add to the disorienting layout of walls - perfect illusion of reflexions and illusions make you feel at a complete loss in the Labyrinth of Hohenzollern.

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