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Question 1/10:

Beauty or Brains?

Attractive group
Geeky group

Question 2/10:

Mates or Dates?

Group of Mates
Romantic Dinner

Question 3/10:

Scared or Prepared?

Scared Man
Confident Woman

Question 4/10:

'Washboard' or 'Washboard'?

Six pack
Washer woman

Question 5/10:

Laugh or Bath?


Question 6/10:

Baby or... "OH BABY"?


Question 7/10:

Medium or Rare?

Medium Steak
Rare Steak

Question 8/10:

Naughty or Nice?

Happy woman
Woman praying

Question 9/10:

Thrill or Chill?


Question 10/10:

Fluffy or... ‘FLUFFY’?

Fluffy toy
Fluffy handcuffs

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The Dungeons are calling you - can you feel it?

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Hmm... You scored a slightly weedy

You might want to bring a friend... or cuddly toy.

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Ye Gods! You scored a pathetic

It's amazing you ever leave your house. It's probably best if you DON'T share the results.

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“It was a scary, but very funny place 'till the end. The actors are playing very convincing and i appreciate the cynical nature of several characters. It's worthwhile to drop by. See ya 'till next time…”

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