Stag & Hens

We love stag and hen parties, and we offer just the right blend of laughter and ritual humiliation to start your evening off with a bang.

With your very own personalized tour our team of live actors will have your stag or hen party laughing, crying, and screaming before you hit the town. We will make sure that your stag or hen get exactly the treatment they deserve... Our team of actors will make sure you have a great laugh. We will make you laugh, scream and cry with fear before you set off into town. Do not forget to point out the stag/hen so that we can give him/her the correct miliating treatment.

A stag & hen party at The Amsterdam Dungeon per person. You can combine your visit to the Amsterdam Dungeon with a Red Light District tour. You can book a stag & hen party by filling in the booking form below. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions! 

After your visit to The Amsterdam Dungeon you will wander onto another mischievous part off Amsterdam, The Red Light District! Our professional guide will pick you up when you exit The Amsterdam Dungeon and show you the forbidden fruit of this marvelous city and it’s scarcely dressed courtesans! Visit the hot spots of the Red Light District like the infamous Banana Bar, the old church , Casa Rosso and the smallest alley in Amsterdam! During this 2 hour tour you will be baffled by painful anecdotes and ridiculous tales off the most famous part in Amsterdam!

You can book your Stag & Hen Party seven days a week starting from 10 persons by filling in our booking form. The final tour at The Amsterdam Dungeon starts at 17.00, which means the Red Light District Tour then starts around 18.30 at the exit of The Amsterdam Dungeon. A Stag & Hen party in combination with our Red Light District tour costs €24,45 per person. This includes: 

  • Entrance to The Amsterdam Dungeon
  • 2 hour guided tour off the red light district
  • Great tales and painful anecdotes
  • 1 or 2 bar stops at your choosing
  • 3,5 hours of Amsterdam mayhem for just €24,45 per person

 We make sure this will be a stag party that you will never forget, or remember but that will probably have to do with the drinks!