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"Beware of the soul seller!"

Experience 500 years of dark history of Amsterdam in The Amsterdam Dungeon. Put those school books away and step into the past with a history lesson you will never forget!

Our Dungeon’s team have years of experience organising the best school trips. We make history and education fun. Your students will be taken through hundreds of years of Amsterdam ’s murky past through great acting, brilliant scripts and amazing special effects. It will be scary fun.

The Amsterdam Dungeons is an 80 minute journey into 500 years of Amsterdam's horrible history. You will laugh and scream as you encounter live actor shows (available in both English and Dutch), gripping storytelling, and state of the art special effects. The Amsterdam Dungeon will ensure you'll have a scarily funny time.


Scary facts:

• "LOOK out where you're going." The Amsterdam Dungeon was originally a church and still has original graves under the floor.
• Always stay with the group and trust no one....
• In 1664, died more than 10% of the population, more than 24 148 inhabitants of Amsterdam, to the plague. Dare to come
• It is both funny and frightening.


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Discover our super combination tickets
Now you're in  fantastic Amsterdam, combine your visit to Madame Tussauds with a nice canal tour, visit Body Worlds or  have a delicious lunch at Hard Rock Café?

NEW: The Amsterdam Dungeon + Lunch at Hard Rock Café


Attraction Price
The Amsterdam Dungeon + Canal Tour €15,50
The Amsterdam Dungeon + Canal Tour+ Madame Tussauds €22,00
The Amsterdam Dungeon + Body worlds child €16,50
The Amsterdam Dungeon + Body worlds adult €8,50
NEW: The Amsterdam Dungeon + lunch at Hardrock Café €23,95
The Amsterdam Dungeon + Amsterdam Arena child €15,50
The Amsterdam Dungeon + Amsterdam Arena adult €8,00

To book your combination school trip, or for further information, please call +31 (0)20 5230623.

Please note:

  • For every 10 students there must be at least one teacher to supervise.
  • Your trip can also be paid for with the Cultuurkaart.


Your group will be welcomed by an actor in the role of a VOC sailor. In about 20 minutes the actor will tell you all about the horrendous conditions on board of a VOC ship. 

* PLEASE NOTE: the continuing of the show is based on avaivailability of actors.

Read the student reviews

"You will enter a mental hospital where Rembrandt’s lover is institutionalised. You experience a VOC ship where mutiny is rife. You will visit the cursed house of the witch Meynes Cornelis where you will feel her sinister presence. Finally you will make a trip to the deep dark depths with the Reaper".
School paper, VMBO Zuid Slinge, Rotterdam, 14-15 years old.

"When we entered it was already really scary and there were some really scary people. Iris and I were together and it was really scary but also very educational because it was all about this history!"
Chenelle, Maris College, Mient, group 1MC, 12–13 years old.

"Everything in the Dungeon was really exciting and of course, very interesting too. It was something new that we had never experienced. After the tour we went home. It was a great day with our group IF1!"
Mikaela Andrade, Nova College Amsterdam, group 1F1, 12-13 years old.



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