We would like to challenge you to enter the forest of the dead; Amsterdam’s gallows field. A stroll through the forest is never going to be the same again. Will you be able to get out of here unscathed?

Will you escape the forest of the dead?

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The history behind the story

Amsterdam’s Gallows Field; a place where murderers, thieves and other scum sentenced to death would gather. This is where the bodies would be put on display for the people; a stark reminder of your fate if you were ever to commit a crime.  Volewijk, the headland on the other side of the IJ (now known as Amsterdam North), was the perfect place to demonstrate the strict order which prevailed in the city to all travellers and citizens. The dangling corpses were the hallmark for an “effectively functioning” legal system.

This place of death and destruction certainly wasn’t avoided by anyone, in fact: it was an attraction.
There were also plenty of animals, in addition to the “tourists” who wanted to come and have a look - an abundance of crow-like birds and rats, there to feast on the flesh from the carcasses. 

The corpses were left hanging with reminders of their crimes on display above their heads. A huge amount of attention was devoted to this! A murderer would have his murder weapon on display, a man who had drilled a hole in his ship had a scale model of a sinking boat and the woman who had killed her child had a wooden doll nailed up above her head.

The poor and powerless were often amongst those condemned to die (the rich could bribe the court officials, pretty useful).
After someone had been flogged or tortured on the dam, their body (irrespective of whether or not they had died) would be tied to a horse’s tail and dragged across the ground to the IJ with their face down. From here it would be taken across to the other side in a barge, where the body would be put on display for the rest of the world in the most gruesome manner.