THIS SPRING: Murder on the Zeedijk

NEW SHOW: Murder on the Zeedijk


This spring an all new show opens at the Amsterdam Dungeon, with spectacular live special effects! Are you ready to explore Helena’s dark secret? Come to the basement of the tannery on the promenade, where you’ll get shivers down your spine as you come face to face with the murderous Helena...

Murder on the Zeedijk is one of 11 interactive shows in the Amsterdam Dungeon!

The story

It was in July 1733 at the Amsterdam Zeedijk. In a tannery, leatherworker Gerhard lives with his two young daughters, Dina and Helena. Dina is a beautiful gentle woman with long blonde locks. Helena is less refined with her raven hair and coarse features. When one day a sailor named Wouter enters the tannery, the two sisters immediately lose their hearts to him.

But only Dina gets her love requited, to Helena’s humiliation. One day, Helena intercepts a love letter sent from Wouter to Dina. So begins a deeply disturbed sister rivlary which ends in a fatal fight. Blindly jealous Helen pushes her sister down the stairs, where she leaves her for dead on the basement floor. If she shows up alive the next day, Helen will beat her brains out, and proclaim everything to be a terrible accident: Beautiful Dina has fallen down the stairs ! The entire Zeedijk is in mourning.

Wouter comes back from his trip and hear about this tragedy and is inconsolable. Helena seizes her chance and takes care of him. Her comforting presence makes her his wife; they marry and have a child. When Helena is on her deathbed, she confesses her crime to Wouter, who is furious and curses the day she was born. Helena begs for his forgiveness but it's too late. She died a lonely death on June 24, 1753.

A century later, she still has not found peace and her spirit wanders around on the Zeedijk. If you listen carefully you can still hear her moaning.

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“De eerste keer vond ik het zo spannend, alles zag er echt en eng uit. Het lijkt alsof je in een tijdmachine stapt en je word overgoten met angst. Het was echt gaaf om dit mee te maken, alles word zo e…”

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