Hell on the Batavia

Hel op de Batavia

Follow in the steps of the thousands of young sailors who sold their soul to the VOC...

Hold your ears as you’ll be deafened by loud cannons and the noisy crew of VOC Batavia. Enjoy the dirty, smelly surroundings on the over crowded ship, where a simple wound can result in a nasty amputation – look after your limbs.

Get on board

Get on board the 17th century VOC ship, the Batavia and strap in for a thrill-filled journey back in time. Sink or swim…don’t hold out too much hope.

What you'll learn:

  • How disgusting and dirty an overcrowded ship can be.
  • Why there are so many rats scurrying around.
  • What terrible illnesses, awful deaths and repulsive conditions the crew have to conquer.

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“It was a scary, but very funny place 'till the end. The actors are playing very convincing and i appreciate the cynical nature of several characters. It's worthwhile to drop by. See ya 'till next time…”

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