Descent into the depths of the Amsterdam Dungeon

Elevator of Doom

The adventure starts here! Descend into the heart of the Amsterdam Dungeon in our medieval lift. Hear the grinding cogs and chains as the winches strain. Don't worry, it hardly ever falls!

Meet the gatekeeper

Together with the gatekeeper and your fellow victims, you descend into the depths of the Amsterdam Dungeon. Are you ready for 500 years of murky history?


  • Whether the lift actually works.
  • Is the Plague really that contagious?
  • Who is the most scared (and most likely to be picked on)?

The descent to the dark vaults is a perfect way to start your tour of the Dungeon; it is funny, full of suspense and is beautifully played. If the Dungeon was a movie, Descent would be the title sequence.

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“Had the time of my life ... saw it by chance and gave it a try ... if i visit Amsterdam again , it will be the first thing on my list .”

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