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Find yourself in the Market Square of York, filled with the revolting smell of fire and death! Reports of witchcraft are rife!

Come face to face with the Witch Pricker; nasty, vindictive and filled with a sense of righteous fury. The Pricker sees witches everywhere and is suspicious about the smallest things. Will you be accused of being a Witch or will your mates be accused of Witchcraft?

What you'll learn

  • Who was the Witch Pricker?
  • What happened to Isabella Billington in 1649?
  • What happened to those that were found guilty of witch craft?

Isabella Billington Isabella Billington will be hiding from the stake…

Dungeons Uncovered

Visitors are placed in the centre of the market square in a pen; a witch burning is welcome entertainment. Dim-effect lighting adds to the set to create tension and fear with added sound effects.

Everybody is suspected by the Witch Pricker, who will pick his victim carefully - it could be anyone! Many special effects have been added to give the illusion of a Witch being burnt at the stake – you can feel the heat!

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“My day in the dungeon was fantastic, the actor at the beginning was really, really scary. I thought the plague was horrible, I certainly wouldn't like that on my skin, and you pulling my bits out. The bit with the man and the tankered was very good. You should be very careful where your standing in that room, because you don't know what will happen. It goes very dark and the man dissapears and it's very frightening. The executioner was completly mad, and we all got splattered in blood when he chopped someone's head off. It was very good and just like real life. I would like to go back one day because it was so good even my mum and dad were scared. The big babies haha.”

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