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Eric Bloodaxe

Eric Bloodaxe

Meet Eric Bloodaxe, the last Viking King of York and a rather colourful figure.

The son of Harald Finehair, King of Norway, Eric earned his nickname by murdering several of his brothers in order to secure his succession to the Norwegian throne.

You will get to meet the barbarian Eric, a murderous tyrant whose savagery was shocking, even by Viking standards! The English King Eadred responded and now you find yourself under attack as the Viking and the Saxon armies turn on one another in the Anglo-Saxon invasion on the Vikings.

What you'll learn

  • Discover the history of the Vikings in York
  • How did Eric Bloodaxe meet his end?

Eric Bloodaxe Eric Bloodaxe offers you a private audience…

Dungeons Uncovered

A very special video technique is being used to create the effect of the Eric Bloodaxe's talking head. Images are projected on the cast of an actual head of an actor. These images are filmed while the actor's head is secured so that it won't move.

The actor is reliant on his or her facial impression to deliver the best effects of the story. The projections and the cast create the perfect optical illusion special effects you would never get in a museum!

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“My day in the dungeon was fantastic, the actor at the beginning was really, really scary. I thought the plague was horrible, I certainly wouldn't like that on my skin, and you pulling my bits out. The bit with the man and the tankered was very good. You should be very careful where your standing in that room, because you don't know what will happen. It goes very dark and the man dissapears and it's very frightening. The executioner was completly mad, and we all got splattered in blood when he chopped someone's head off. It was very good and just like real life. I would like to go back one day because it was so good even my mum and dad were scared. The big babies haha.”

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