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Eric Bloodaxe

Eric Bloodaxe

Meet Eric Bloodaxe, the last Viking King of York and a rather colourful figure.

The son of Harald Finehair, King of Norway, Eric earned his nickname by murdering several of his brothers in order to secure his succession to the Norwegian throne.

You will get to meet the barbarian Eric, a murderous tyrant whose savagery was shocking, even by Viking standards! The English King Eadred responded and now you find yourself under attack as the Viking and the Saxon armies turn on one another in the Anglo-Saxon invasion on the Vikings.

What you'll learn

  • Discover the history of the Vikings in York
  • How did Eric Bloodaxe meet his end?

Eric Bloodaxe Eric Bloodaxe offers you a private audience…

Dungeons Uncovered

A very special video technique is being used to create the effect of the Eric Bloodaxe's talking head. Images are projected on the cast of an actual head of an actor. These images are filmed while the actor's head is secured so that it won't move.

The actor is reliant on his or her facial impression to deliver the best effects of the story. The projections and the cast create the perfect optical illusion special effects you would never get in a museum!

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“Me and my family went to York Dungeons yesterday (26/05/2013) and it was completely brilliant! I knew the attraction was going to be good but i didn't realize just how good it would be! I seemed to get picked on a lot which i loved and i felt this really added to the experience! My favorite part was 'The Judge' where i was accused of being a witch and dancing naked in the dark and had to dance to 'I love big butts and i cannot lie' to free myself. Me and my family were in histerics a lot of the time and just had such an amazing day with you. We just wanted to say well done to all the actors that are involved who made the experience so much fun! We absolutely loved it! Loved taking home my picture from the beginning too so that i can remember this day forever! Thank you so much again for an absolutely fantastic time! I shall be recommending York Dungeons to all my friends :D”

Nicola See more reviews...