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Sit back and relax. It's story time. That's it... just settle back. Don't worry about the noises behind you. It's only Sweeney...

Surprise Surprise at the London Dungeon

Trick or Treat

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London Dungeon Launch Party

London Dungeon does Carboot

The Final Curtain for Tooley Street

Pre-opening rehearsals

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“I allways LOVED the dungeon when I was little(so much I went there 4 times!) And I was devestated when I found out they were moving, as I thought it would be new content.
I was not as enthusiastic when a birthday suprise to go there for a fith time.
BUT I was soooo wrong!
After looking on the website and going in person I wanted to go back to the line and go all over again!I will not go into that much detail as I don't want to ruin the FANTASTIC suprise!
It was the best time I had( except the first time)
I will really miss walking to cafe rouge, then looking at the sculpture and finally going to the London dungeon.
Especially on Halloween.
But I have fallen in love with the new dungeon.
I hope to see the actor(and or tress) at my sixth and best time!!!!!
See ya soon!
:) :)

Mimi See more reviews...