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The London Dungeon Reviews

We spend massive amounts of time and attention to make The Dungeon experience really awesome. We write scripts, audition actors, design sets and make costumes.

Next we invest a load of money to get the word out, advertising, social media and on and on and on. The Marketing guys work their finely tuned derrieres off. We put the effort in.

Want to know a secret?

But... and this is the secret... nothing works like real reviews from real guests. So here they are. Please enjoy responsibly... and then... you know... book a ticket.

These are the 10 most recent reviews. See full archive here.

5th June 2014 - Superb!

“I just wanted to let you all know that the girls who were at the boat ride were incredibly funny and totally in character even though they were simply loading us into and getting us out of the boat. They did such a wonderful job. There was one girl who got us in to the boat who had such a dry/sarcastic sense of humour and her northern accent made it even better! And then the girl at the other end where we got off was really excitable and was born to perform! Overall by far my favourite part of the tour simply for those ladies!”

Ellie T

It's a scream

“Took my nephew to this last weekend, and it was awesome. I have always wanted to come here, but never had time before. The actors and atmosphere of the place are top notch perfect for the thrill. I was tense all the way through, and loved the boat...the ripper...sweeney tod...

Only down side was the Drop wasn't working due to maintenance, so the tour ended a bit flat after a great start and explosive middle. But still give a 5.

Will definitely come again....! Well done to the crew.”


Amazing experience!

“The Dungeons experience was great! I visited with a group of friends for a birthday party and it had us all in tears of laughter as we found it so scary. My highlights were Sweeney Todd, Jack the Ripper and the mirror maze. I loved it all!!! However, if you were to add to it, definitely make sure to make more people jump out at you!”


Better than the rest

“My son and I went to the Dungeon june 7th. A special one-day-trip. And we loved every second of the Dungeon. The people weren't playing or acting, they felt like Henry the 8th, the Ripper and the poor Mary Jane Kelly. My son had to go up for the hanging and he went out with wink, a wave and a grin on his face. Thnx! Next time in London, we will ab-so-lute-ly go down again! A deserved 6-out-of-5!”

Maarten and Bartjan


“We really enjoyed out time in the dungeons. Learnt alot!! Jumped around nearly every corner!! the Boat ride was so good. The actors were all fantastc and bought history to life! A brilliant day out thankyou so much for a fab time!! We will definately be returning with the children :)”



“The whole tour was pure frightening enjoyment! The scariest was right from the beginning ,as we were seated in the boat..It seemed like an eternity sitting in complete blackness not knowing what was going to happen .
Good job!!!”



“OMG!!! This place is the BEST! it was amazing from start to finish, I enjoyed every second, the actors and actresses were fantastic they really got into character and made the whole show believable, not sure if I have ever laughed so much, this was worth every penny, I cant wait to come back, I am already planning my next trip to London for this reason alone, if I could give 10 or more stars I would. well done to ALL the staff you were incredible, thank you for a fantastic day. highly recommended!!!!! there are no downsides to this place whatsoever. don't hesitate buy your tickets now.”


Can't wait to go back

“Me and my bf went to the dungeon's on our Easter weekend trip.

This was an experience we both loved! Yes we had to queue to book in for a time slot but it's to be expected and we only waited around 30 minutes.

The reception staff were very helpful, and polite.

We arrived for our visit later that afternoon and the actors are amazing!! They were that good I was frightened at one point when we past a screaming hag.

A must do attraction in London.
We loved it that much were visiting The York Dungeons in a few weeks.

Top Class entertainment!”


A dream coming true for me - I was at the London Dungeon

“Dear London Dungeon Team and actors,
On the 20th April 2014 I visited the London Dungeon on South Bank. My name is Carmen, I am a big London Dungeon Fan and love your shows! I really wanted to visit you and it was so great to be at your new home on Southbank. I came the long way from Germany to London. I got a ticket for a show at 2 o' clock. All the actors were so great and played their roles so excellently that you were scared all the times. At the entrance the Torturer really scared me! I loved the frightening music that was played in the Dungeon. My favourite show was Henry Wraths Boat ride. I was sitting at the back of the boat and was really scared as the lights went out and Traitors Gate appeared suddenly out of the dark. You really felt scared at this place. The other shows were also excellent. I loved the day at the Dungeons! I am really coming back soon!
Thank you very much for such a great day!”


Really fun

“It was my first time going to the dungeon and i was so scared i just didn't know what to expect.The actors were very good and the costumes were amazing.The sound and light effects did make it scary. The only thing is that it wasn't as scary as i thought it would be and would love to see if they had more people jumping out at you and really scary rides because sometimes i felt like they weren't too scary.But overall i did enjoy it and the drop ride is sooooo fun.”


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