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Let's be honest - the Dungeon is not for everyone.

Our visitors LOVE to laugh and have a good time. They come to be entertained, surprised, engaged and yes... a little bit scared.

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Excellent Day Out!

“My Partner and I came to the Dungeons on 12/13/2014. The tickets were a lot cheaper than expected! From start to finish the atmosphere was amazing! It is obvious that a lot of time, effort and money went into the creation. The costumes, scenes and the even smells were spot on. The actors and actresses were brilliant, Mrs. Lovett from Sweeny Todds pie shop in particular! But credit to the rest of them. The jokes were funny and they knew how to interact with the audience well. I thought they would have more surprise scares though! The judges and court room show was hilarious! Jack the Ripper was terrifying and the Sweeny Todd show was the best especially the chairs. The docs assistant he was great too and them shock leaches. The drop ride was brilliant.
Well done. Fantastic day all round!”


Great Day Out!!

“My partner and I visited the London Dungeons today (12/07/2014) We booked online and it was so cheap only £17.50 each. It was a great experience from start to finish! The whole atmosphere is fantastic in there. You can really tell that a lot of time, effort and money has been invested in creating everything- even has smells! The Actors/ Actresses were great especially Marge from the sweeny todd show! Every show was worth seeing it's a shame that they didn't have more! ! The rides were great too especially the hangman's drop so scary- My picture showed it too!
Thanks for a great day!!”



“I brought my daughter, Ariana as a treat for her 12th birthday and she loved it. The tour was packed full with laughs and scares from the start to end. Ariana's favourite was Maggot and Sweeney Todd. Thank you for making my daughter's birthday a memorable one.”

Henry and Ariana

An Experience You will Never Forget !

“I had been to the original Dungeons as a teenager back in the 80's when it was at Tooley Street and remember having a great day out with my family. I am now in my early 40's and went to the new Dungeons at County Hall last week with my wife for my Birthday. I wanted to find out if it was just as good as I remember. Well the truth is YES. We had an excellent time. Once you get past the bit of a queue at the start, that's when the excitement really begins. You go through a series of different themes showing the gruesome history of London, with some excellent actors and actresses, playing parts of famous characters who interact with the audience whilst telling you the story as you go along. Each part of the story was very interesting, combined with some incredible special effects and interior designs. You can see that a lot of thought ( and money ) has gone into bringing the dungeons up to date for today's tourists. I highly recommend the Dungeons for a family day out, although it may be just a tad scary for the younger guests. When we were there a young lad was there with his mum and dad and he looked VERY scared all the way round ( He may go back in years to come and enjoy it . . you never know ) It is an excellent day which I highly recommend. You will laugh and scream all the way round You wont be disappointed !”

Lee and Rae

Terrifyingly amazing!

“My boyfriend and I decided to visit the London Dungeon on our day trip to London. I was a bit sceptical at first, worried it would be a bit rubbish. Boy was I wrong! The actors were amazing, never breaking character. What made it even better was that my boyfriend and I seemed to get picked out for near enough everything! It was mixture of scary and funny, I would definitely recommend it and I can't wait to go again!”


5th June 2014 - Superb!

“I just wanted to let you all know that the girls who were at the boat ride were incredibly funny and totally in character even though they were simply loading us into and getting us out of the boat. They did such a wonderful job. There was one girl who got us in to the boat who had such a dry/sarcastic sense of humour and her northern accent made it even better! And then the girl at the other end where we got off was really excitable and was born to perform! Overall by far my favourite part of the tour simply for those ladies!”

Ellie T

It's a scream

“Took my nephew to this last weekend, and it was awesome. I have always wanted to come here, but never had time before. The actors and atmosphere of the place are top notch perfect for the thrill. I was tense all the way through, and loved the boat...the ripper...sweeney tod...

Only down side was the Drop wasn't working due to maintenance, so the tour ended a bit flat after a great start and explosive middle. But still give a 5.

Will definitely come again....! Well done to the crew.”


Amazing experience!

“The Dungeons experience was great! I visited with a group of friends for a birthday party and it had us all in tears of laughter as we found it so scary. My highlights were Sweeney Todd, Jack the Ripper and the mirror maze. I loved it all!!! However, if you were to add to it, definitely make sure to make more people jump out at you!”


Better than the rest

“My son and I went to the Dungeon june 7th. A special one-day-trip. And we loved every second of the Dungeon. The people weren't playing or acting, they felt like Henry the 8th, the Ripper and the poor Mary Jane Kelly. My son had to go up for the hanging and he went out with wink, a wave and a grin on his face. Thnx! Next time in London, we will ab-so-lute-ly go down again! A deserved 6-out-of-5!”

Maarten and Bartjan


“We really enjoyed out time in the dungeons. Learnt alot!! Jumped around nearly every corner!! the Boat ride was so good. The actors were all fantastc and bought history to life! A brilliant day out thankyou so much for a fab time!! We will definately be returning with the children :)”


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