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Carnivale at The London Dungeon

26th July - 7th September

Join the Carnivale this summer

Roll up, roll up for showmanship, spectacle and plenty of scary fun this summer.

The London Dungeon presents Carnivale, our very own sideshow starring a cast of colourful characters ready to amaze and astound.

Test your strength on the High Striker – are you as weak as a plague victim or perhaps as strong as an axe wielding executioner? 

Watch out for our resident cockroaches and rats in their colourful dioramas then look into the future with a fortune card dealt out by our flea infested fortune teller. 

Once inside there’s 18 mesmerising shows to enjoy bringing 1,000 years of London’s murky past to life.

Test your nerves with the knife throwing” torturer, marvel at Mrs Lovett’s pies,  navigate your way through the discombobulating Hall of Mirrors, escape the clutches of Sweeney Todd, and scream with laughter on our 2 thrilling rides.

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“I had been to the original Dungeons as a teenager back in the 80's when it was at Tooley Street and remember having a great day out with my family. I am now in my early 40's and went to the new Dungeons at County Hall last week with my wife for my Birthday. I wanted to find out if it was just as good as I remember. Well the truth is YES. We had an excellent time. Once you get past the bit of a queue at the start, that's when the excitement really begins. You go through a series of different themes showing the gruesome history of London, with some excellent actors and actresses, playing parts of famous characters who interact with the audience whilst telling you the story as you go along. Each part of the story was very interesting, combined with some incredible special effects and interior designs. You can see that a lot of thought ( and money ) has gone into bringing the dungeons up to date for today's tourists. I highly recommend the Dungeons for a family day out, although it may be just a tad scary for the younger guests. When we were there a young lad was there with his mum and dad and he looked VERY scared all the way round ( He may go back in years to come and enjoy it . . you never know ) It is an excellent day which I highly recommend. You will laugh and scream all the way round You wont be disappointed !”

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